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Let's curb the IFFs toghether

We developed the Stop the Bleeding campaign to end illicit financial flows from Africa, in collaboration with key African civil society organizations—in particular, the Tax Justice Network-Africa. Through the campaign we have been able to harmonize efforts and facilitate greater coordination and collaboration among African civil society organizations. The Stop the Bleeding campaign has helped make IFFs a more relatable concept to citizens, and has taken the conversation beyond the circles of technical experts to become a priority for key constituencies including labor, students, artists and faith-based organizationsThe campaign has been successful in raising the profile of IFFs, and has attracted the attention of policy makers in national governments, and has made its way into official processes at the African Union (AU) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). To date thousands of citizens have participated in events organized under the Stop the Bleeding Campaign banner—this includes marches in cities across the continent.

Take Action

Sign the petition to help us curb the illicit Financial Flows in Africa. We appreciate your time and feel proud of everyone who stays concerned about the issue.

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