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African nations are at the epicenter of the crisis of IFFs, yet they are not in the room when decisions are made... Step in fixing this Learn More Mother Africa is dying from the looting Africa is rich but Africans are poor Learn More
Curb Illicit Financial Flows in Africa

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The dependence of African economies on natural resources extraction makes African countries particularly vulnerable to IFFs.  By undermining domestic resource mobilization, illicit outflows create dependence on outside resources thereby undermining national sovereignty and creating vulnerability to unfair conditionalities tied to development assistance, foreign loans, and aid Illicit outflows from the continent have been at as much as $1.4 trillion for 3 decades. Corporate commercial activity particularly stands out as the biggest culprit – accounting for as much as 65% of all illicit outflows.  Illicit financial flows are a mere symptom of a much bigger structural problem of unjust economic and power relations between Africa and the developed world that has historically impoverished Africa and enriched the West. This is how our campaign has evolved from targeting IFFs to addressing the broader bottlenecks around development financing for Africa. 



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… the critical ingredient in the struggle to end Illicit Financial flows in the political will of governments, not only technical capacity.

Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki

Former president South Africa & Chair, High Level Panel on IFFs from Africa

Africa’s retention of the capital that is generated on the continent and should legitimately be retained in Africa must be an important part of the resources to finance the Development Agenda

Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mbeki

Former president of South Africa and Chair, High Level Panel on IFFs from Africa

I’m signing because my community is affected by IFFs, by illegal miners and foreign hunters that bribe to get hunting licences destroying the very nature that should be bringing tourists into the country.


Samukeliso Khumalo

Bulawoyo, Zimbabwe

Our commitment

Our commitment – As civil society organizations we commit  ourselves to developing a comprehensive agenda to further work, policy input, popular engagement and advocacy to deepen these demands and ensure their realization at all levels within Africa.

We also commit to work at continental, regional and national levels to ensure the linkages, synergies and coherence between responses to IFF and the strategic progressive policy initiatives that have the best potential to spur democratic developmental transformation in Africa 


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