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AFRODAD aspires for equitable and sustainable development leading to a prosperous Africa.

AFRODAD shall contribute towards influencing policy change that redress and avert Africa’s debt and development challenges based on a human rights value system.

  • To identify root causes, structure and effects, and find sustainable and lasting solutions to the African debt and Aid problems
  • To secure alternative development models to the international financial systems
  • To influence African governments and their creditors for appropriate use and management of resources
  • To support the creation and strengthening of people-based coalitions in African countries to deal with Debt, Aid and other related development issues
  • To facilitate policy dialogue among Civil Society, African governments and their development partners and International Financial Institutions on Debt, Aid and development-related issues
  • To secure Debt cancellation and Aid effectiveness so as to release financial resources for sustainable development in Africa
  • To collect and disseminate information on issues related to Aid and Debt for advocacy groups in Africa and elsewhere.



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