African journalists, CSOs pledge to stop illicit financial flow

Africa loses about $50 billion each year through illicit activities of multinational companies and rich individuals, participants at a three-day Illicit Financial Flow (IFF) conference, […] Read More


Stop the Bleeding Campaign launched to curb Illicit Financial Flows from Africa

On the 25th of June, 2015, Policy Forum participated in the public launch of the “Stop The Bleeding” Campaign in Nairobi aimed at curbing Illicit […] Read More


Message from the Executive Director

Dear readers and friends of TrustAfrica, Welcome on board this new venture from TrustAfrica. We thank you for coming on board the “Stop the Bleeding” […] Read More

African governments cautioned against bleeding the continent through criminal activities

A crusade to end illicit financial flows (IFFs) has been launched with the warning to the Ugandan and other African governments to end the criminal […] Read More


Africa lost $1 trillion in 28 years

Africa has lost $1 trillion through illicit financial flows (IFFs) over a 28-year period. The loss was recorded between 1980 and 2008. The continent is reported […] Read More