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“Stop the Bleeding” Campaign takes off – Nairobi, Kenya – June 25th Today, June 25th, 2015 is the official launch date of “Stop the Bleeding”, […] Read More

Stop the Bleeding: ActionAid suggests Malawi lost USD 43 million potential revenue from largest mining project

Malawi could have paid for 431,000 HIV/AIDS treatments or the annual salaries of 17,000 nurses, 8,500 doctors or 39,000 teachers if the USD 43 million […] Read More


Campaign to review Kenya’s tax policies launched

Women are set to benefit if governments in Africa stop illicit financial flows. According to a campaign dubbed “Stop the Bleeding” which was launched in […] Read More

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Follow “The Stop the Bleeding Campaign” Train as it rolls on

Africa loose massive financial resources, about U$$50 billion each year through Illicit activities of multinational companies and rich individuals. These resources, if retained in the […] Read More

Stop the bleeding: new African tax justice campaign

Last week the Interim Working Group of the African IFF Campaign Platform launched the “Stop the Bleeding” campaign in Uhuru park, a place historically associated with the struggle […] Read More